U.S. On Venezuela Unrest

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Politics Professor Ronald Ahnen appeared on the FOX2/KTVU-TV program “Mornings on 2” on Saturday, Feb. 2. to discuss the political crisis in Venezuela. Ahnen chairs Saint Mary’s politics department, teaches in the College’s Global and Regional Studies Program and his academic researches includes public security policy in Latin America. Noting the potential for dangerous confrontations between supporters of President Nicholas Maduro, who is accused of election tampering and corruption, and the followers of opposition leader Juan Guido, who is supported by the U.S. and other nations, Ahnen spoke about the background that led to Maduro’s presidency, the current turmoil confronting citizens of the South American nation, and the critical need for fostering a dialogue that promotes a peaceful and democratic transition in Venezuela. Watch the interview.

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StatePublished - Feb 2 2019


  • Political Science

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