KSOE Professor Bedford Palmer Honored With Best in Practice Award

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<p> KSOE Counseling Department Assistant Professor Bedford Palmer II, PhD, along with LaMisha Hill, PhD, another counseling psychologist, were recently invited to give the <a href="http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001i67E7Upd0GOvfqNGbwzIgvxzq_XeNRJEPgFz5oI_BbsKP28xRr9GdfNV6BQbg9O5B3qWoJNQLwR9_UMKAaETB80a7xRuQoKf5u2SI1c_qvGEHtIpLnkKdLKy22JnCG_2-6ui9TlDKwEwoIHOfpT8huwmPjX4IoSIbWQkez5IwiUNqg6nKHKrJjasdSeunmfGbgp6p3HgfbjQhdjSsf8X-lDuCkqhXqLFWCreQ2qNs2c=&amp;c=chK5z2E71ZhIzIaBMhntj8tFUX9EfEPRwi8GlYA_zEvqYhaOowoyIQ==&amp;ch=R4-gYQY910CKbH3jfxKtnVU0dt0mUdtaeFNA6_nstIbk158pzt5gyQ==" target="_blank"> &ldquo;Best in Practice Address&rdquo; </a> at the American Psychological Association&rsquo;s (APA) annual convention in San Francisco. The APA&rsquo;s Society of Counseling Psychology, Division 17, honored them for developing their groundbreaking podcast, "Naming It." Their address was titled &ldquo;The Development and Impact of the 'Naming It' Podcast,&rdquo; and they spoke to the need for more focused and intentional training for psychology graduate students in social justice advocacy. The team began their podcast in summer 2015. &ldquo;We are exploring the intersection of social justice, psychology, and blackness,&rdquo; Bedford said. &ldquo;And it&rsquo;s meant to be a project where we, as counseling psychologists, expose the public to the discipline, and how it can be helpful in promoting social justice and providing education around social justice. Our episodes are formatted so that people can use them in the classroom and in their practice.&rdquo;</p>
Original languageAmerican English
StatePublished - Sep 4 2018

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