Houston Public Media Discusses Venezuela Crisis With SMC's Marco Aponte-Moreno

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Several news outlets across the nation, including Houston Public Media, The Conversation, and locally KCBS News Radio, have featured insights from Saint Mary's Professor of Global Business Marco Aponte-Moreno on the evolving political crisis in Venezuela.

In a lengthy interview with Houston's KUHF-FM, Aponte-Moreno discussed the significance of Leopoldo López, Venezuela's most famous political prisoner, standing side by side with Juan Guaidó— the leader of the opposition against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro—in a video calling for the country's people to rise up against Maduro.

Additionally, in an opinion piece " Who is Leopoldo López, the newly freed opposition leader behind Venezuela’s uprising? ,"written for The Conversation, and carried in multiple news outlets, including United Press International , Aponte-Moreno provides background on López, who was a former mayor, presidential candidate, and a leading figure in the 2014 protest movements against Maduro. After López's release from house arrest by military officials siding with Guaidó, Aponte-Moreno argues that the appearance of López in the Guaidó video was "a potent signal for Venezuelans after years of bloody protest and multiple thwarted coup attempts."

Aponte-Moreno’s academic research focuses on leadership and cross-cultural management, and he has written extensively about political leadership in Venezuela, his native country. Read his commentary and listen to the interview with Houston Public Media .

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StatePublished - May 4 2019


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