Differentiating Catalan and Italian Futurisms

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The term futurism was used in aesthetic circles during the first decade of the twentieth century throughout Europe. The broad use of the term has sometimes led to critical attempts to link the various "futurisms" together into a coherent whole. In my article, I compare and contrast Alomar's Catalan futurism with the Italian futurism associated with Filippo Tommaso Marinetti (1876-1944). Although the two futurisms share the name and, to some extent, similar philosophical backgrounds, their foundational documents or manifestos are more different than they are similar, and Alomar's futurism cannot and should not be critically subordinated to Marinetti's Italian one. My article addresses what is futurist in Alomar's thought as well as its unique regionalist underpinnings that find no analogue in other European futurisms.

Original languageAmerican English
JournalRomance Quarterly
StatePublished - Jan 1 2008


  • Gabriel Alomar
  • essay
  • Filippo Marinetti
  • futurism
  • modernism


  • Arts and Humanities
  • Modern Languages

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