Analytics Boot Camp: Basic Analytics for Business Students and Professionals: Analytics Boot Camp: Basic Analytics for Business Students and Professionals

Linda Herkenhoff, John Fogli

Research output: Book/ReportBook


Analytics/ statistics courses are feared by many students who doubt their own quantitative capabilities. We continually hear from them that they need a refresher course before they show up for their first class. We believe that by providing students with just the basic key concepts, they are better prepared for a more relaxed and successful learning experience when they do begin a first course in statistics or analytics. A “boot camp” such as this book accommodates also helps to level the playing field with regard to student skill sets, just prior to the statistics or analytics course commencing. A refresher course such as this book is designed to accompany is often requested by Business people as well. Many of them are looking for a simple reference guide that they can keep at their desks. Often they do not just want a video/YouTube “ how to clip,” as it is easier with analytics to have your screen clear of just the problem you are solving, rather than instructions in one window and a problem in the other. So a hard copy reference guide of just the basic skills would be welcomed. This book is not meant to be an exhaustive description of all things to do with analytics; rather it focuses on only a few of the key concepts. But we argue that these key concepts are more than enough for students and business people alike to do an excellent ethical job with the treatment of data. Many people do not make use of the full functionality of many of the analytical tools simply through lack of knowledge. This book explains in detail with screen shots and business examples how to best use and more importantly fully understand these tools in the workplace. The book starts with a review of some basic concepts and provides a handy overview of common analytical terms and definitions. The next six chapters will cover measures of central tendency, basic charts, survey design, sampling, correlation and regression. Besides providing a clear and concise overview of applied analytical techniques, the book focuses on the use of Microsoft Excel. The six concepts covered in the book are explained using step by step instructions with screenshots of each step in Excel. These basic analytical processes will assist readers in better understanding business reports and will provide the necessary skills to complete key statistical applications. This book of analytical basics is a simple, practical guide that is one stop shopping.

Original languageAmerican English
PublisherAnalytics Boot Camp: Basic Analytics for Business Students and Professionals
StatePublished - Jan 1 2017


  • Business
  • Business Analytics
  • Economics

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