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Analyzing materials with high-field NMR

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a powerful technique that can investigate many properties such as molecular diffusion, aggregation, and interactions. Overall, I am interested in using NMR to investigate the dynamics, interactions, and aggregation behavior of soft matter such as surfactants and polymers. Currently, I am collaborating with Dr. Bachofer to measure the sphere-to-rod transition and other aggregation properties of gemini surfactants, and have found NMR to be a very useful tool for these studies.

Developing new NMR techniques using Dynamic Nuclear Polarization

Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) is an NMR technique where the much greater 'signal' of an unpaired electron is transferred to nuclei, leading to large enhancements in the observed NMR signal. In collaboration with scientists around the world, I am continuing to develop novel uses for DNP in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) applications. As part of this work I am developing the optimum immobilized radicals for DNP where the water flows through the radical, along with building DNP-NMR equipment to measure the DNP performance of our immobilized radicals. 

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Office: Brousseau Hall - 328
Phone: (925) 631-8010

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Education/Academic qualification

Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of California, Santa Barbara

… → 2010

B.S. Chemistry, University of Washington

… → 2005

Research Interests

  • Analyzing materials with high-field NMR
  • Developing new NMR techniques using Dynamic Nuclear Polarization


  • Chemistry