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Scholarly Interests: 
  • Action Research and Collaborative Inquiry as the basis for building leadership capacity in groups and organizations.
  • How to develop research and validity procedures for making meaning of experience and the construction of knowledge for deep understanding as a basis of personal and organizational change.
  • How to build leadership capacity within organizations so that when the positional leader leaves, the adaptive leadership remains.
  • How to implement "360 degree leadership"� to encourage leading from the middle and from the bottom-up as well as top-down.
Pedagogical Interests: 
  • How to follow Plato's dictum to "Know thyself" as the starting point for leadership development.
  • The Hall-Tonna Values Inventory, used in the Saint Mary's Leadership curriculum, as a brilliant methodology for leadership and organizational development.
  • How "knowledge"� is not information immaculately conceived, but rather a personal and social construction.
  • Creating curriculum for learning environments that nuture personal and organizational transformation, and exploring how the roles of advisor, coach, and teacher can contribute to the mutual learning.
  • Methods to question the beliefs that keep us from a more accurate perception of reality, from being in the present moment, and from our experience of connection.
Personal Interests: 

Parenting, gardening, connecting with the Mystery in nature, social justice theater, the mystical and prophetic interconnections between Christian and Jewish traditions.

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Education/Academic qualification

Ph.D. Sociology, University of California - Berkeley

… → 1981

B.A. Social Studies, Wesleyn University

… → 1967

Research Interests

  • Action Research and Collaborative Inquiry
  • 360 degree leadership
  • Building leadership


  • Leadership Studies