JAN 102: Beyond #cottagecore: Self-sufficiency as a Sustainable Lifestyle



Homesteaders. Preppers. DIYers. #Cottagecore. Many names and many different-- sometimes even questionable-- motivation, but these trends have the same thing in common: a back-to-basic focus on self-sufficiency. In this class, we will survey the various economic, environmental, social, and personal benefits and concerns of self-sufficiency lifestyles. Through diverse readings and robust discussions, we follow how these lifestyles, and the traditional skills inherent in them, can be a means towards personal satisfaction, environmental sustainability, and social equity and justice. A weekly in-class group workshop will allow learning and practicing some very basic traditional skills, such as sewing, mending, gardening, and baking. The final class project will be a poster and oral presentation on a traditional craft of choice.
Course period1/5/23 → …